2015 Census

The 2015 Winnipeg Street Census was conducted in Winnipeg on October 25/26th, 2015. Almost 300 volunteers met with a huge variety of people living in emergency shelters, temporarily with friends and relatives, under bridges and at other temporary spaces.

The Winnipeg Street Census 2015: Final Report is now available. We have developed a set of principles for addressing homelessness and recommendations for immediate actions to end it, endorsed by 16 community organizations and the Winnipeg Police Services. It is available here.

The Winnipeg Street Census contains many numbers and statistics that researchers and policy makers in Winnipeg have requested for years. It is important to remember that behind each number are individuals, 1400 individuals, who on the night of October 25th and many previous nights, did not have a safe place they could call their home. They shared their stories and time graciously and patiently, in the hope that this information will lead to change.

People with experience of homelessness and those working to end homelessness are talking about their views of the Census, what should be done to end homelessness and what it is really like living on the street. A series of Personal Video Statements has been be posted to give everyone a personal and in depth perspective on homelessness. Watch and listen below, on YouTube or join the discussion on Facebook.

The Street Census follows an approach used by cities around the world. The method has been adapted to Winnipeg’s local context based on input from local researchers, service providers, outreach teams, police and safety patrols, and people with experience of homelessness. This information can be used to improve decision-making for funders, governments, and community organizations.


The Street Census is funded by the Government of Canada’s Homelessness Partnering Strategy, administered by the City of Winnipeg. It relied on thousands of hours of volunteer time provided by our partners, supporters, and the public.