We are no longer recruiting new volunteers as all training sessions are complete. If you haven’t attended a training session, thank you for your interest but unfortunately you cannot participate.

Volunteers should arrive at their designated base-site for their assigned shift. Base sites are:

508 Selkirk Avenue

Circle of Life Thunderbird House

Knox United Church

Millennium Library

Macdonald Youth Services

Resource Assistance for Youth

If you have signed up, but have not received information about your shift, contact

Brent Retzlaff
(204) 956-4344

Volunteering for the Street Census is an opportunity to demonstrate your concern about homelessness in Winnipeg and to learn more from people who are experiencing it. We will have about 300 volunteers conducting surveys with people in shelters and transitional housing (evening of October 25) and on the street and in other community locations (October 26).

For questions or more information, contact:
Brent Retzlaff
(204) 956-4344

Do the Survey

It is very important to us that the public and decision-makers learn more and care more about homelessness in Winnipeg. We know that thousands of Winnipeggers sleep outside, on the couches of friends, family or strangers, or in emergency shelters each year because they cannot find or afford a safe, good home. We believe that one person is too many.

To demonstrate the high and different kinds of need for affordable housing, support systems and programs, we need people who are experiencing homelessness to share about 10 minutes of their time with us.

On Monday, October 26 please join us for a free meal and do a survey with us:

Magnus Eliason Recreation Centre, 430 Langside St, 12pm-3pm

Turtle Island Neighbourhood Centre, 510 King Street, 1pm-3pm

Have surveys done at your organization

For those agencies who have agreed to have volunteers attend their location on Monday, volunteers will arrive at your agency at a pre-arranged, designated time and/or may be visible within the general location of your agency. Volunteers will talk one-on-one with individuals who are interested in completing the survey and this will be done in the style of a short interview (about 10 minutes each).

Some agencies are having staff conduct surveys because of the nature of your services (highly confidential, vulnerable population, etc.).

All participants, including those who access your services, will be informed of their right to privacy and confidentiality. Clients will be respected regardless of their decision to participate or decline participation at any point during the survey. Individuals who decide not to interact with interviewers or who are asleep will not be disturbed. No identifying information will be collected from interviewees therefore the interview participants will remain anonymous.

The services of existing outreach teams or staff at your agency (depending on the agency and advance agreement) will be sought so that if an interviewee requires assistance, the interviewer can connect that person to resources immediately. Interviewees will also be provided with information about the Street Census with contact information so they can ask questions or raise concerns about the project.

For more information, please see Information for Community Organizations.