The 2018 Winnipeg Street Census will occur on April 18, 2018.

Please REGISTER to volunteer.

By giving a few hours of your time, you will be taking action towards understanding who and how many people are homeless in Winnipeg. We are currently looking for volunteers to make this year’s Street Census a success. For more information, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Brent Retzlaff, at 204-956-4344 or

Volunteer opportunities include: 

Volunteer Surveyor:  The main duty of a surveyor is interviewing people at locations where people experiencing homelessness might be, such as shelters, bottle depots, specific street routes, meal program sites, and other sites. Volunteers will be organized into teams and assigned to a walking route, a hang out, or a social service location where they will conduct the survey for the duration of their shift. Volunteers will be teamed based on their experience working with people who are homeless. Volunteer Surveyor shifts include:

1.       Social Service Locations Survey

Volunteer shifts between 7 am – 8 pm

Surveys take place in participating drop-in centres, shelters, ministries, libraries, resource centres, soup kitchens, etc.,

2.       Street Survey

Volunteer Shift 7 pm – 10 pm

Surveys take place on the street on assigned walking routes throughout the inner city.

3.       Hang Out Locations Survey

Volunteer Shift 7 am – 10 am

The hang out location survey will reach people in outdoor locations at the time they tend to ‘hang out’ there, including bottle depots and other businesses

4.       Outreach Survey

Volunteer Shifts 7 am  – 7 pm

Similar to the street survey, surveys will take place on assigned outreach route throughout the rest of Winnipeg. Surveyors for this shift must have experience working with people experiencing homelessness and will be going to places like intersections, parks, and businesses around Winnipeg.

Volunteer at Base Site or Head Quarters:

Volunteer shifts 7am – 11pm

There are 5 base sites across the city (including a Head Quarters site). This is the location where volunteers will go to start and end their shift. Volunteers will help other volunteers to sign in, meet their survey team, get their supplies and information about where to go. They will deal with issues as they arise, including working with Head Quarters to ensure all teams have enough volunteers, and volunteers stay safe and comfortable during their shift. After surveyors finish their shift, they will return to the base site to return supplies and surveys, and sign out.

Data Entry Volunteer:

Volunteer shifts throughout the day April 19 – May 4

Data gathered from the Street Census will be entered into a computerized database so it can be analyzed. Data Entry volunteers will go through surveys, flag potential inaccuracies or missing data, and enter them into the database. This will be done on-site at the Social Planning Council throughout the weeks after the Street Census. A special volunteer training will be held for data entry volunteers.

The 2015 Winnipeg Street Census involved over 300 volunteers who walked almost 140km of inner-city streets.